Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Colm is amazing. He took the time to listen to my issues & concerns. Unlike other chiropractors I've been to over the years, he took x-rays, and found the source of my back pain before beginning treatment. He came up with an individualized treatment plan- and it worked! I can't remember the last time I lived this back-pain-free! I definitely recommend Dr. Colm and his team for all your chiropractic needs!" -Christine B.

"I started getting frequent headaches when I turned 16. For years I just thought it was related to poor diet or sleep, but after making lifestyle changes the headaches remained. I began seeing Trevor in October of 2016 and within weeks my headaches lessened. Now my headaches have all, but completely disappeared and I feel great! Trevor has really changed my life."- Tim C.

"Such an awesome before and after difference! I was having neck and lower back pain. Dr. Trevor Colm is gently and effectively correcting my spinal problems and reducing the pain in my body. My headaches are gone, I am sleeping better, and I feel like I have more strength in my legs. Dr. Colm does imaging in-house. His diagnosis methods are thorough. His treatments are fast and painless, but extremely effective. His manner is professional and pleasant. His office staff is kind and caring. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, you just found one" -Cat C.

"Whitney is amazing!  She helped me throughout my pregnancy and then when I was needing an adjustment to help my labor progress she was at my house in no time.  My labor transitioned right after her adjustment.  It was just what I needed, and I cannot recommend Whitney enough.  She is thorough and gentle all at the same time." -Katie

"Whitney truly invests in her clients lives. She is not only an amazing chiropractor, but going to her as a pregnant mom, she was a wealth of knowledge regarding pregnancy and baby care. It is clear that she loves what she does and invests her whole heart into it- it is completely shown in her work. I got adjusted 1-2 times a week during my entire pregnancy and each time that I saw my midwife after, she was amazed at how engaged my body was with my growing little one. The position of my little girl in the womb was always watched and adjusted by Whitney, which brought a lot of ease to my body. I had no back pain, or any pain, during my pregnancy. I loved visiting her because I knew she was in tune with what was best for my body and she made sure to get it in that place every time. She is very gentle in her adjustments! She also adjusted me and my newborn a few days after birth and my little girl loved it! She is fully engaged with each client and their situation." -Audrey

"Whitney is a little lady with big power! I have been under her care for several months and have had great reduction in the number & severity of migraines I have had. My kids LOVE to see Dr. Whitney! She is amazing with active kids & is very patient. I am a midwife and refer my clients and their babies to her and I have seen wonderful results in my clients and watch as her care eases them into motherhood from the very beginning! I am certain my clients will receive the highest caliber of care with Whitney!"-Kristine